CHARD NEWS: Vandals invited to apologise and pay for damage

 CHARD NEWS: Vandals invited to apologise and pay for damage

A CHARD newsagent is giving three youths the chance to apologise and pay for the damage they caused to the store’s door.

Emery Newsagents in Holyrood Street has posted on its social media Facebook page that three “young kids” tried to kick-in the door of the premises at around 10.30pm on Tuesday (March 20, 2018).

But what the offenders may not like to know is that they were being filmed on CCTV and the evidence has been given to the police.

The newsagents have said they have got clear CCTV footage of the incident where the faces of the perpetrators are clearly visible along with other evidence including muddy footprints left on the door.

In a message to the offenders Emery Newsagents have said: “The police have great footage of you guys and people are starting to name you.

“If all three of you want to come in say sorry plus pay the £100 it will cost us to re-hinge our door then that would be great – thank you.”