SCHOOL NEWS: Holyrood students enjoy a day at Oxford

SCHOOL NEWS: Holyrood students enjoy a day at Oxford

A DAY at Oxford University was the latest experience to be enjoyed by 12 gifted students from Year Ten at Holyrood Academy in Chard.

The visit was part of the Challenge Plus programme which operates in conjunction with other schools across the south-west.

The students spent time at Exeter College at Oxford as well as touring several other colleges and the city itself.

A Holyrood spokesman said: “They loved the opportunity to talk with current Oxford University undergraduates, listening to their advice and asking questions about their experiences.

“They relished the rather grand lunch experience in the Exeter College dining hall, and ended the day with a sample lecture from a professor who spoke about the influence of early photography on 19th century French poetry. Very intellectual!

“These high ability students found the day very informative and all of them said it had made them want to apply for a place at Oxford or Cambridge in the future.”

PHOTO – TOP: Pictured (from left) are Ellie Hull, Tabitha Snell, Nicola Mullane, Luke Lifton, Robert Atyeo, Sebastian Horne, Lorna Warren, Jessica Mee, Edith Evans, Amy Hart, Joshua Alcock (back), Ellie Knight.

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