CHARD NEWS: Councillor could only watch as lorry slid close to his house

 CHARD NEWS: Councillor could only watch as lorry slid close to his house

A LONG-STANDING councillor could only look on nervously as a lorry, which struggled to negotiate a snow and ice bound treacherous part of Chard over the weekend, came to rest just inches away from his home.

Cllr Dave Bulmer, a member of Chard Town Council and South Somerset District Council, admitted on social media that he was “getting worried” as the lorry slid towards his home in Silver Street.

The incident happened on Saturday (March 3, 2018) morning with that area of Chard around the bottom part of Mill Lane where it joins the A358 dangerously icy.

The lorry had got into trouble on Friday and had to park up overnight, but when it came to moving off on Saturday morning things just did not go according to plan and Cllr Bulmer was left wincing as the large vehicle edged closer and closer to his home before finally stopping within spitting distance of his front window.

“We tried to get the lorry moving first thing on Saturday, but it couldn’t and it blocked the main road for a while and I admit I did get a little bit worried as the back end went near to my home,” said the former Mayor of Chard.

The lorry was stuck in Chard for much of Saturday as the driver waited for the road to thaw out properly in order to move off safely.

“Thanks must go to the police who helped and everyone else who came out to volunteer,” added Cllr Bulmer.

The driver finally got away from Chard – destined for Spain – at around 4pm on Saturday.

“We had a few language barriers, but thankfully I enlisted the help of some local Portuguese people who acted as interpreters,” said Cllr Bulmer.

“We contacted the police beforehand to make sure it was ok for him to travel on. We just hope he had a safe and trouble-free journey back to Spain.”

Cllr Bulmer was also out helping to shovel snow and ice from the pavements and snow on Friday (March 2, 2018) in the Old Town area of Chard and trying to keep vehicles moved.

PHOTOS - TOP: The lorry is just inches away from Cllr Dave Bulmer's home in Chard (above left) and Cllr Dave Bulmer (above right).