CHARD NEWS: Town council to take on management of new Jarman Way play area?

CHARD NEWS: Town council to take on management of new Jarman Way play area?

CHARD Town Council has been asked if it would consider taking on the management a new play area.

Plot 5 at Jarman Way in Chard was originally part of Chard Business Park, but due to the large number of protected trees on the site it was actually deemed unviable for business premises.

It was therefore identified as a possible site for a play area with there being a lack of facilities of that sort in the area.

Three years ago nearly £42,000 was given to South Somerset District Council by a developer to go towards play area provision in Jarman Way.

“This funding has enabled work to be carried out to clear the site of brambles, leve and create grass areas, partially fence the site from the busy Thorndun Park Drive, carry out essential works to trees to ensure public safety, provide a park bench and a five-a-side goal for informal ball games,” said a council report.

“The cost of this work to date is £14,250 and consequently the remaining budget is £27,493.”

South Somerset District Council’s own Streetscene team has carried out most of the works to keep costs down and ensure a budget remains for play equipment.

Part of Plot 5 has a proposed development of five houses and four flats earmarked and if it goes ahead could generate a further £81,000 towards the creation of a play area.

“District council members have indicated that should a play area be constructed at this location they would like it to be managed locally by Chard Town Council,” added a council report.

The town council has been asked to confirm – in principle – if would take on the management of the play area and public open space subject to suitable terms and arrangements being made with the district council.

The matter will be discussed on Monday (February 5, 2018) by members of Chard Town Council’s Guildhall and amenities committee.