SCHOOL NEWS: Tank-tastic Holyrood students win Bovington contest

SCHOOL NEWS: Tank-tastic Holyrood students win Bovington contest

NINE design and technology students from Holyrood Academy in Chard stormed to success in a competition held at the Bovington Tank Museum in Dorset.

The GCSE students from Holyrood attended a STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – contest at the popular tourist attraction museum on Wednesday (January 10, 2018) where they were tasked to design, build and programme a remote control Lego tank that could complete a series of seven different challenges. These challenges included a Normandy-style beach landing and crossing First World War trenches.

Five teams from schools in the South West took part in the competition and points were awarded for design portfolio, team work, problem-solving, completed challenges and how fast each course was successfully finished.

Holyrood’s all-girl team, The Chieftains, was awarded first place and the boys’ team, The Centurions, came second overall, just four points behind the girls.

Holyrood design and technology teacher, Wendy Da Cost, said: “Students had the privilege of working with ambassadors from the hosts, Bournemouth University, as well as historians from the museum and behind-the-scenes mechanics and apprentices.

“The day helped raise students’ awareness of the skills shortage in design and technology careers and the broad range of both courses and apprenticeships open to them, post-16.

“It also highlighted the low number of women working in these fields in the UK compared to other European countries. It was a really interesting day and I was very proud of Holyrood to win first and second place!”

PHOTO – TOP: Holyrood Academy tank builders (from left) are Ben Harding, Luke Lifton, Abigail Ford, Cameron Adams, Brooke Mathieson, Amy Hart, Sasha Langdon, Robert Atyeo and Tarrin Baxter.

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