CHARD NEWS: Badgers could be climbing over a wall to get into cemetery

CHARD NEWS: Badgers could be climbing over a wall to get into cemetery

A SURVEILLANCE camera is to be installed at Chard Cemetery in a bid to try and track the night-time movements of badgers which are causing problems at the site.

Chard Town Council clerk Zoe Truong told councillors that investigations are underway into the possibility of fitting a temporary infra-red camera at the cemetery off Zembard Lane.

She said that badgers were causing problems in the Memorial Garden at the cemetery by digging for grubs.

“We will be treating the ground early next year to start to remove the grubs that badgers are attracted to which will hopefully help prevent this issue in the longer term,” she told members of the council’s Guildhall and amenities committee on Monday (December 4, 2017). “The situation is being monitored to help reduce the impact of the damage caused.”

Councillors were told that there was a possibility that the badgers might be scrambling over a wall to get into the cemetery.

The council knows that there is a protected badger sett nearby, but needs to find out how and where the nocturnal creatures are getting into the cemetery to see if the access can be removed.

Mrs Truong later said: “We have had the Somerset Badger Group over to view the situation and been in discussion with Natural England.

“We are trying to see which area of wall they are using or if not and then, if we can, maybe build this up to prevent access.

“We will be treating the ground from Spring 2018 to remove their favourite food source. Since the sett was protected we cannot remove the badgers from the area.”

There were some raised eyebrows among councillors about the possibility of badgers jumping over a wall to get into the cemetery, but there is evidence to show that the creatures can climb walls.