CHARD NEWS: Burglary victim says thieves won’t get away with it this time

 CHARD NEWS: Burglary victim says thieves won’t get away with it this time

A CHARD woman has been left furious after discovering that her garage had been broken into and things taken – just a few months after her house was burgled and her car was stolen and later burnt out.

Lisa Jackson took to social media Facebook on Wednesday (November 29, 2017) evening to share her anger with friends after discovering the break-in at the garage.

“You thieving little ****!” she stormed. “Done my house – now my garage. I will catch up with you this time.”

The garage is situated down at Millfield and away from where Lisa’s home is in Auckland Way which was burgled back in June 2017 where thieves stole possessions including her Renault Scenic Megane car which was later found on fire in the Brutton Way area of Chard close to Snowdon Park.

To add insult to injury was the fact the thieves took no notice of the blue disabled badge in the window of the car they stole – Lisa’s teenage son Thomas is registered disabled and has a number of heart problems and has also been diagnosed with autism and ADHD.

Despite investigations the police have never brought anyone to justice, despite being given names of a number of people thought to have been involved.

Now Lisa believes that the same people might be involved in the garage break-in and she is determined to make sure they are caught this time.

“It’s happened over the past few days,” she said. “The garage is down at Millfield near Jocelyn Park and we use it to store stuff we can’t keep at home.

“But I went down there and realised it had been broken into. It was too dark to see how much has been taken, but I will go and have a proper look when it’s light.

“But my son’s WWE figures he collected, some really difficult ones to get, and a new lawn mower have gone along with some other stuff.

“I had only gone down to the garage to get some Christmas decorations I had stored in there.”

Anyone with information can contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800-555-111.