YOUTH HOCKEY: Holyrood’s Year 11 girls battle hard to see off Preston

YOUTH HOCKEY: Holyrood’s Year 11 girls battle hard to see off Preston

THE Holyrood Academy Year 11 hockey girls team in Chard had their second league game of the season against Yeovil’s Preston School .

The home team was looking to build on their strong 5-0 win against Stanchester Academy the week before, but they were missing a few players so the girls were not very optimistic at the push off.

The first-half was extremely well-matched with both teams having opportunities to score. Beth Young and Jess Fowler worked brilliantly together to put pressure on the opposition's defence but were unable to find the back of the net.

The half-time whistle saw both teams evenly placed at 0-0.

After a quick break the Holyrood side came out all guns blazing for the second-half. The opposition soon found themselves in trouble when Lydia Harris and Hannah Eke's persistent attacks led to Eke lifting the ball into the top right corner with her reverse stick - a brilliant goal.

The defence then had lots of work to do as Preston was eager to equalise as the game drew to an end.

Imogen Rogers, Jess Finch and Lily Farey played exceptionally well at the back to ensure the home side got their third win of the season.

Both Rogers and Farey were named players of the match for their resilience and hard work.

Miss Sims, Holyrood Academy's sports coach, said: “That was a tough game! It could have gone either way in the end but the girls battled hard.

“Hannah's goal was unbelievable. Let's hope the winning streak continues.”

And Miss Sims added: “Special mention goes to Year 10’s Ellie Hull who bravely volunteered to step in at the last minute and worked tirelessly down the left wing.”

PHOTO – TOP: Pictured (back row from left) are Imogen Rogers, Hannah Eke, Lydia Harris, Beth Young, Jess Finch, Lily Farey; and front (from left) are Tanisha Veale, Jess Fowler, Lucy Hollister, Ellie Hull and Lucy Bradbury(goalkeeper at the front).