CARNIVAL: Official Chard Carnival merchandise on sale

CARNIVAL: Official Chard Carnival merchandise on sale

CHARD Carnival will again have Official Carnival Sellers who will be selling flashing wands, batons, windmills, whistles and other carnival merchandise, with prices ranging from £2 to £4.

The sellers will be found at official stalls along the Carnival route at Tesco Roundabout, The Guildhall, Manor Court School and Old Town in Mill Lane. There will also be two vans at the beginning of the procession.

Carnival toys will also be available at Manor Court School, Avishayes School, Redstart School and Tatworth School on Thursday and Friday (October 12-13, 2017) after school in the playground.

The Carnival spokesman added: “The purpose of selling our own merchandise is because each year street traders come along to our Carnival selling their items but Chard Carnival Committee doesn’t benefit from any money collected despite recent press claims that traders do donate to the Carnival. Chard Carnival has never benefitted.

“By selling our own merchandise Chard Carnival Committee will be able to donate more money to the local community.”